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WCOAP 6040 - Flash Basic


This five-session introductory course will provide students with an introduction to the Adobe Flash environment through hands-on experience. Students will learn about working with graphics, managing text, adding animations, adding interactivity to buttons, working with movie clips and publishing Flash documents.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with using a Windows-based computer, the Internet and Internet Explorer. Additionally students should have a basic understanding of HTML, principles of design and design and media applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator.

Syllabus (pdf file)

Interactive Syllabus - Note: You will be granted access to this site during the first class.

First Night Pre-class Activity: Click here to access an online student information form for this course. Please enter your information. Make sure to click the "Submit" button only once.

Materials Needed: Please bring a Flash drive or external hard drive to class to back up and transport your class files and work..

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