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Accomplished educator and instructional technology specialist, with extensive experience in creating and implementing standards, procedures, processes and best practices that improve the function, use and integration of technology in instructional environments. Well organized, with solid management skills and credentials, capable of leading and motivating individuals to maximize levels of productivity while forming cohesive team environments. Exceptional communicator with excellent verbal and writing skills, focused on building strong team and external partner relationships. Strong, technical knowledge and proven ability in using, managing, maintaining and troubleshooting Windows and Macintosh computing environments, and LANS.



Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA

M.S. Instructional Technology – Design & Development of Instructional Systems

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

M.B.A. International Business

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

B.A. French/Spanish



Technology Program Specialist | School District of Philadelphia

September 2008 - Present

Appointed to the Office of Educational Technology, Office of Assessment. Serving the entire district function as project manager for various instructional technology projects and professional developer delivering professional development that facilitates change in instructional practice. Also serve as point person for district software licensing, technology purchase recommendations and approvals, technology data collection systems, technology policy and procedure recommendations and department asset management.

Instructional Technologist | School District of Philadelphia

September 2002 - June, 2008

Educational Technology Group, OIT - Central Administration Office (2005 – Present) - Serving the entire district, function as point person for the regional educational technologists and project leader as assigned. To date have served as project leader for the following projects: Contract renewal for the district"s antivirus software; contract renewal for other district site-licensed software, including Microsoft products, Inspiration and Hummingbird; creation of a printer RFP and vendor selection process; computer disposal program; computer hardware RFP; ETG warehouse management; and multiplatform computer hardware acquisition - specifications and standards recommendations. Revised, wrote and recommended policies on training lab management procedures, policy for employee-distribution of portable computing devices, and computer desktop standards for the district including minimum support and acquisition of new hardware specifications. Lead professional development on a variety of topics, including the district's IMS, various multi-platform software applications and technology integration.

Educational Technology Group, OIT - Northeast Region (2002 - 2005) - Serving the twenty-one K-12 schools in the Northeast Region. Facilitate the integration and application of technology throughout the curriculum to improve teaching and learning. Responsible for supporting the effective use of technology in schools to improve student achievement. Model, coach, and consult with teachers and principals toward effective technology integration. Participate in multi-office work teams to create field-based programs that support the District"s Strategic Technology Plan. Implement and promote a comprehensive professional development program, as well as manage two professional education technology centers (PTEC's).

Academic Coach - Technology | School District of Philadelphia

September, 2001 - August, 2002

Appointed to the Northeast Area Academic Office. Responsible for supporting teachers in twenty-one Northeast Academic Area schools in accordance with the goal of improving instructional practices in order to improve student learning. Also responsible for providing professional development upon request. Area of expertise: integrating instructional technology throughout the curriculum.

Technology Facilitator | School District of Philadelphia

February, 1999 - August, 2001

Teaching & Learning Network: Appointed to the Northeast Cluster. Responsibilities included the cluster technology plan, hardware, software, network, web page, web server and, cluster technology grants. Administrator/Manager of the Northeast Cluster Community Technology Education Center (CTEC) which provided technology training and education to school district staff and the community. Developed and provided technology training and staff development for Northeast Cluster schools and community. Provided instructional and technology support to teachers integrating technology into the curriculum. Designated as the Northeast Cluster Instructional Technology Point Person. Appointed to the Edison Cluster February - October, 1999.

Adjunct Professor | University of the Arts

1999 - Present

Designed, developed, and teach graduate level courses for the Professional Institute for Educators: Microsoft Office for Teachers (ED 7050); Creating Web Sites for Teachers I (ED 7121); Creating Web Sites for Teachers II (ED 7221); Introduction to Animation for the Web (ED 7140); Animation for the Web II (ED 7141); Macintosh Basics for Novice Users (ED 7038; and, Macintosh iLife Overview (ED 7039). Also teach for the Continuing Education Division: Web Design I (CE 2411).

Adjunct Professor | Bucks County Community College

2007 - Present

Teach the following courses: HTML, XHTML & CSS (WCOSY 6019); Dreamweaver Basic (WCOSY 6511); Dreamweavery Advanced (WCOSY 6512); Flash Beginner (WCOAP 6040); and, Flash Advanced (WCOAP 6041).

Adjunct Professor | Saint Joseph's University

June, 2002 - January, 2004

Instructor in the Master of Instructional Technology and Instructional Technology Specialist Certification programs. Teach a variety of courses, including EDU-5303, Technology Planning Across the Curriculum, EDU-5345 Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies, and EDU-5355 Multimedia Productions.

Adjunct Professor | Philadelphia University

1997 - 2000

Instructor for the MS program in Instructional Technology in connection with the Edison Cluster Community Technology Education Center. Graduate level course taught: HTML & Web Design. Instructor for the Connelly Foundation PACT (Proficiency and Access in Computer Technology) School Program to train teachers in the use and integration of technology into the curriculum. Graduate level course taught: Introduction to Educational Computing.

Teacher Instructor - K-12 | School District of Philadelphia

1985 - 1999

Appointed to Furness High School, September, 1989 - January, 1999. Courses taught include Computer Applications; Computer Literacy; PC Solutions; Integrated Graphics (Multimedia Project Design & Development); Orientation to Mathematics; American Culture; French; English as a Second Language (ESOL). Appointed to Hunter Elementary School as ESOL Teacher, January, 1986 - June, 1989. Taught French and Spanish at Wilson Middle School, September, 1985 - December, 1985. Taught French and Spanish at Hopkinson Elementary School, January, 1985 - June, 1985.


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