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ED7140 - Introduction to Animation for the Web Using Adobe Flash


Adobe's Flash is one of the most exciting tools for creating animated, vector-based, web content. Discover the Flash environment that brings tools together in one place: for creating graphics; for animating those graphics; for creating interface elements and interactivity; and for creating the HTML necessary to display your graphics, animations and interface elements on a web page. Check the syllabus link below for current text information.

Prerequisites: ED7121 - Creating Web Sites for Teachers 1, or equivalent experience (with instructor’s permission).

Syllabus (pdf file)

Interactive Syllabus

First Night Pre-class Activity: Click here to access an online student information form for this course. Please enter your information. Make sure to click the "Submit" button only once.

Materials Needed: Please bring a Flash drive or external hard drive to class to back up and transport your class files and work..

Flash Tutorials Plus

Student Projects - Flash MX & Flash MX 2004

Other Resources

For Fun:

Student Projects - Adobe CS2 Flash 8

Student Projects - Adobe CS3 Flash 9

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